Integrating YouTube into Nursing Curriculum


From On-Line Journal in Nursing


Nurse educators need to be innovative, stimulating, and engaging as they teach future nursing professionals. The use of YouTube in nursing education classes provides an easy, innovative, and user-friendly way to engage today's nursing students. YouTube presentations can be easily adapted into nursing courses at any level, be it a fundamentals course for undergraduate students or a theoretical foundations course for graduate students. In this article I will provide information to help educators effectively integrate YouTube into their course offerings. I will start by reviewing the phenomenon of social networking. Next I will discuss challenges and strategies related to YouTube learning experiences, after which I will share some of the legal considerations in using YouTube. I will conclude by describing how to engage students via YouTube and current research related to YouTube.


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Any more, students have to be entertained to learn. So many of us are completely absorbed by today's gidgets and gadgets. I know things progress, but I guess I still am a bit old-fashioned and sentimental and feel the need to hold on to the past. Yes, I do online learning and have some of the new technology. Yes, I was a trekkie. But, I like to read an actual book or magazine on occasion, and social networking is not my cup of tea. Allnurses, is about as deep as I get. For me, it's important to know where you started to know where you want to be.