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Integrated Science Program (ISP) in whittier


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I'm thinking about enrolling in this school program and taking a&p 1 and 2. Has anyone taken a class there? If so how was it? And were you able to transfer it to your nursing program with no problems? Also, what grade did you receive? I really need A's and want to know if its possible in such a short amount of time.


SmYle4PeDs, BSN

Specializes in PICU. Has 2 years experience.


I am curious too! Has anyone taken General Chem or Chem 150 at ISP? I am considering taking one or the other but it sounds pretty intense. I took Chem in the past and got a C so I am worried about my grade, especially in an accelerated program. Any feedback would be appreciated.

I took micro in June at ISP.

I worked full time while taking the ISP class and got an A in micro-

I have never been a science person at all, but u literally have no time to slack out