Insurance ? For an aspiring nurse who is HIV positive


Hi, i have recently began my education to become a nurse and have a lot of questions regarding myself. I'm 21 and HIV positive... I want to do this so bad for its became a passion of mine. but I recently heard that a student going for nursing needs insurance... What kind of insurace while in school? How does a nursing student get insurance without being denied because of their hiv they can still go to school??? And also, once I'm graduated and started working what insurance will I need to work? Is it covered by the hospital, someone with HIV that is?And would it cover their HIV medication?

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Ask your prospective schools about the insurance required, then go from there.

If you get a job, you get the same insurance coverage as your coworkers.

You'll probably notice there is not much difference in the actions required from someone who is HIV positive and someone who is not.