Insurance for family of 4!!!


Hello fellow nurses,

I am new to travel nursing and need to keep our family of four insured...any suggestions? We are all healthy (no preexisting conditions or meds, no tobacco) and rarely go to the doctor (surprised?).I

If we go solo, which insurance companies offer the best affordable basic coverage?

Do travel companies offer continuous coverage? If so, how long in between assignments do they let you "rest" before unplugging your coverage?

Thank you!


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I just posted relevant info in another thread where you posed a similar question. I would suggest strongly that you look into private health coverage. Start with BCBS - you can get an online quote.

Yes, some agencies offer continuous coverage. Some don't offer insurance at all though. Some will cover you for a month if you are getting your next assignment with them. COBRA does offer a loophole that allows you to maintain coverage without paying for it for up to 3 months - and only pay the premium if you have an actual health need that is greater than the premium. (Insurance companies hate, hate COBRA for that reason). That is the amount of time that the employer has to notify you of your COBRA eligibility, and the time you have to opt in. The downside is you could be in a traumatic injury and be unable to opt in - so you would need your husband/wife/friend to be ready to send the paperwork in that unlikely event.

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I agree w nedrn. We had insurance through my travel co for three years but I never had more than a few weeks off between assignments. It worked fine for us.


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Thank you, NedRN, for the information. That COBRA option would make it all possible for us. No wonder insurance companies hate it!


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Thank you, missnurse01. Information is power!

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True that ! We are going to start traveling again in the spring!