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Insurance for CNAs?


I am about to take a CNA course so I can work as a CNA while waiting to get into LPN school. My question - is there such a thing as malpractice insurance or something similar for CNAs? Liability Insurance? I know I'm not going to be dispensing meds or anything, but people these days can sue anyone for anything. I would feel better if I had more coverage, rather than relying on whatever facility I'm working for to cover me.


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NSO provides that service. I plan on using them when I finish my CNA training.



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Excellent question, centralflorida. And, very astute of you to be concerned about this.

Yes, you can get Liability Insurance as a CNA. I strongly advise this.

I've used, as have others here at allnurses.com, NSO for years.


You can go online and receive a free quote. This can be upgraded to cover you as a student and later as a licensed nurse.;)

Thank you! That is extremely helpful!

I came across a lawsuit recently against an LTC facility, in which they alleged something went wrong with a patient and named not only the facility in the suit, but about 20 different people who were working at the facility that day. Best case scenario - all those people have insurance and the worst they have to go through is missing work, stress, the aggravation of having your name on a lawsuit, etc. etc. Worst case scenario - they don't have insurance and have to pray the facility comes through for them and doesn't try to find a fall guy. Or they have to hire a lawyer. And on a CNA's pay, that's not really realistic.

Don't get me wrong - when I have someone's health and life dependent on me, I will care for them to the absolute best of my ability, but these days I don't believe that's enough to prevent someone from being named in a frivolous lawsuit.

Where are you going to CNA school at? I start Sept 4th. I am doing LPN to RN after that!! :D

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