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Insulting pay raise

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On 1/28/2019 at 11:07 AM, LPNTORN704 said:

I'm an lpn right now. So you're saying if I get my bsn I can work bedside like literally one on one with my patients like I'm doing now?

I had worked bedside with nurses who had doctoral degrees.  The one on one part is a long shot.

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Yep. At a "state magnet hospital" I worked for, "some" of the bedside ED RNs got $0.23 raises one year---while "some others", in full view of the recipients of the whopping $0.23 raise---were handed "bonus checks" varying between $1200 and $1900.

These "others" were the ones that sat in the RN Mgrs office telling tales or disappearing--or just being "unavailable" for anyone by constantly claiming they are "doing work for management".  They now have all been elevated to Clinical Nurse 3 or above, hide on a different floor of the hospital in a locked section that only can be accessed with "permissions" on your ID badge.

The peasants are getting restive--and some managers are smart enough to know separating themselves from the great unwashed is the smartest thing they can do right now. Hand out those memos of how horrible we are while sitting in a locked tower.

Unionize. It's the only way to deal with this favoritism and outright abuse of management authority.

"giving them what they want" by jumping through every hoop they set forth is also not a recipe for any type of "merit raise" or "certification raise". My place of employment simply took those away---didn't matter what cert you had, you got nothing for it, but they also tried to make it a requirement for anybody to be hired in. (not a requirement OF the job, a requirement to be hired FOR the job)


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