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Can anyone help me determine how to prevent an insubordinate, unstable nurse from practicing -and where can I find standards of practice and conduct - I treied BORN for MA and they do not list specifics - wondering if I have enough info on this nurse to report her - anyone with experience in this area? I am the Director of Nursing

Have you spoken to your administrator and asked for input? I think I would call the State Board of Nursing in your state and ask them some questions. They are usually very helpful.

Thank you Duckie - I have been on the phone all weekend - as you read the other e-post about the Ativan - you are aware of the issue - I have been utilizing all of my resources (including all of you which is new for me - and wonderful)- I am clear about what I need to do - again - just hoped to save this nurse as she is/was a good practitioner until now. I hate to see this happen to one of us. My obligation is to the patients - and I will do what the regulations say I should. She is VERY angry with me for taking her off the schedule and that concerns me a bit - but I am trying to be proactive and not allow further harm to come to the patients. She is threatening to sue me etc. It eats at my gut. I know she must be ill. She has always been a bit "hot", negative and never likes to be told what to do - but usually it was "manageable" until now. Never had such negative outcomes related to patient care. I wish she had accepted the offers of help. I do intend to contact the BORN on Monday. I keep thinking there must be a reason why she did what she did. but no reason is good enough I know.

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