Instructor Ignores Email & Says She Does Not Like Students Who Served


Why won't my instructors answer emails I have sent to them? I had valid questions regarding ATI testing which I sent to my "lecture" instructor, and another email to my "clinical" instructor regarding something else that was very important. Keep in mind that I rarely send emails to my instructors.

I find it difficult to believe that they did not get the email--therefore, for some reason they have decided to ignore the email (its been approx 2 wks). Many other students have commented on this happening to them throughout the semester--so it really came as no surprise--but I think this is outrageous.

How difficult is it to hit the reply button, type a few words, and hit send? Needless to say, this behavior combined with other bad, unprofessional behavior (one example among many: taking "favorite" students to lunch and telling them how much she hates 2 particular students who, by the way, served in the military-the "favorites" told this to me and at least 8 other students), has led me to believe that at least one of these instructors is mentally unstable and the other is just plain rude.

It really makes me furious and wonder what kind of person this instructor is when she says she "hates" or "can't stand" or whatever about students who served in the military--sacrificing themselves and possibly their lives--to keep ignorant people like her safe:madface:. Granted, I didn't hear it come from her lips--but with everything else I see from her--I absolutely believe that she said it. She disgusts me.


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some people are less comfortable with the internet and email than others... just use the medium that they are most comfortable with, if you want to get a positive response.

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They probably also get a ton of emails. When my inbox gets loaded down, I read them all, and then I usually forget to reply to some. Another thing holding things up is that sometimes the person you're emailing doesn't have the answers, and instead of doing a quick "I don't know, let me find out" response, they wait for an answer from someone else and leave you hanging.

I'd politely email again, or stop by the office and ask.

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