Inspirational Songs for Pinning Ceremony

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Does anyone have a good inspiration song that would be appropriate for a Nursing Pinning Ceremony? If so, would you please share it! Thanks :)

We used "Go Light Your Candle", and one of our class members sang it. I'm not sure where you would get the lyrics or music, maybe just do a search on the internet. It's a pretty well known song, and so pretty; everyone was in tears at the end.

"Time of your Life" (not the real title) by Green Day is great

and we've also used "Only If..." by Enya

Good Luck!

Our class chose "Wind Beneath My Wings" and a classmate sung it beautifully. She dedicated it to our spouses and families and to our teachers. It was very touching, she had a great voice, and there wasn't a dry eye in our class.

"sung"--just doesn't sound right??? I'm terrific at medical terminology--now I'm stumped on this stupid word . . . :eek:

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