insight on the path of healthcare. unit coordinator or medical sec.


hello my name is renay

I'm looking to go back to school. i tried my hand at veterinary tech at 16

but it was not for me as i found out my dream job would not happen.

I graduated at 17 and went straight into community college

i wasn't ready then so i left.

now iam 21now with an almost 2yr old and have been looking into nursing since i was 17

but never got on board because my math is horrible.

now i know i cant let math determine my future

so iam taking steps to prepare my self for it

i am looking for insight on a start out career

that involves helping people,

i was looking into lpn,or medical assistant

unit clerk,or health unit coordinator..i am having a hard time

trying to make a fl the job market is not too good

so i plan on moving after i get certified..any insight or suggestions about

which one would be best? money is not a concern but i need t be able to support myself and my child as well

are there any other roles in healthcare i could look into?

Specializes in Critical Care, Education. Has 35 years experience.

Healthcare work is basically in two areas... science or administrative support. Clinical jobs are in the science area... these degrees will require science & math; higher level jobs have more requirements. Administrative support is basically 'business' - with all the same types of jobs that can be found in other types of businesses.

There are (Federal) Pell grants available to help fund your basic education - in many cases, this is enough to cover the cost of Community College tuition & books. If you are within some income guidelines, or are currently receiving some sort of benefits as a single mom, your area may also have some type of child care support so that you can attend school. Your first stop should be the school's financial aid office because they can help you figure it all out.

PLEASE don't fall for the slick sales people that will try to talk you into a 'fast and easy' commercial school that will 'guarantee' you a job in exchange for their ridiculously expensive tuition. They are the ones advertising on TV during the day - like the commercial with the young girl that wants to go to school to wear "cute scrubs". Don't be fooled by any of them. You're smarter than that.

You can do this. Make an visit to your local community college this week and find out what they have to offer you. It can be life-changing.