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Insight for a new grad trying to get into the O.R.

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Hi Guys...

I graduate this August and I'm looking for some insight

The O.R. is my first choice (by far), however in the DFW area major hospitals only hire for the O.R. in February and July. Many of my classmates are interviewing for residencies that start in October and September. Should I wait for the O.R. opportunity in February or should I go ahead and start a residency in Sept/Oct in another field then transition to the O.R. later? How easy is it to do that, or will it look bad?

Just a few things in the back of my mind:

-In DFW you have to sign a 2-3 year contract with the hospital.

-I will be out of the country for an entire week during Christmas this year.

-I am an internal employee for 2 major hospitals & doing my preceptorship here in the O.R.

-I have to start paying back my loans in Feb 2020.

Thank you so much!!





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Nurse SMS has 8 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in Critical Care; Cardiac; Professional Development.

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You don't say if you are graduating with an ASN or a BSN.  In DFW it  will greatly impact your chances of securing an acute position. I personally would encourage you to get a job as soon as you can. My hospital, I found out yesterday, has no intention of doing an OR residency for the next year. We just don't need one due to low turnover. There is no guarantee that a residency will be available to you if you wait. Traditionally we have done one to two per year before this.

Aside from paying on student loans, you must consider the risk in DFW of becoming an "old new grad". Meaning, those who graduate after you will be considered before you if you reach one year after graduating nursing school and have not secured a position.

It is great you want to go into the OR. Only you can decide whether to risk waiting. If you go a full year without being employed as an RN, your opportunities to get into acute care, OR or otherwise, will shrink significantly. I never advise someone to wait based on a hope and a prayer. Not that many people get into their specialty of choice right out of school. Depending on where you live, you can look at some of the community hospitals just outside of DFW. Rockwall. Sherman. Waxahachie. You may have better luck there. They may not have a formal residency program but may be open to training as you go.

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