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To anyone in Houston,

I graguate this Nov. (General nurse) I 'm very interested to find out about the hospitals in the Houston area, such as Memorial Hermann. I have visited Sugarland/ Fulsheer many times and would love to return and work for a year of so! I'm also trying to find out about the NCLEX and sample questions and standards.

Thanking you in advance,

you can buy the nclex book with the cd in it. It pretty much covers what the nclex is suppose to have on it.

Hi cathy from ireland, check the nclex website you can avail of the on line review wich will cost you for few bucks but its worth it, just check it out .

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Hermann is , in my opinion, the hardest hospital in Houston to work in. It is a regional trauma center...all the most difficult cases end up there.

You will learn a lot, and they will be happy to have you.

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P.S. There is another Memorial system hospital that is closer to Sugarland, Fulshear. It is called Memorial Southwest. If you plan to live in Sugarland, go there. It will keep you out of "the Medical Center"....which employs 40,000 people in all the hospitals.

Southwest is a very very nice hospital to work in and is large. Try to get a Houston map, showing the city streets.

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