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INOVA RNBSN new grad job search

by n.esca n.esca (New) New

Hi everyone! I'm a new grad on the job hunt and I've applied to several positions through the INOVA website. The first two applications have already been rejected. As a new grad, with no experience, I'm feeling a little discouraged after researching and trying to apply at other facilities besides the INOVA health system.

I'm going to keep applying for jobs but I was wanted to know if anyone had tips or what I can do to get a foot in the door. We just moved here a month ago and I don't know anyone at the hospital who could possibly refer me to any units. Should I just keep applying to as many opened positions as possible? I didn't want to do that because I know HR would probably throw my application out the window once they see it too many times.

I really want to work in L&D and the ED but those areas require 1-2 years experience. Well most of the job openings require some kind of clinical experience and I don't know what to do besides keep applying...any advice would be so helpful!