Inmates running the asylum


:bugeyes:My managers are not ethical, lack boundaries, repeatedly set staff up and then blame staff for the outcomes. Discussion of issues is nonexistent. There are groups only if nursing staff provides. We are expected to do more and more work as the facility struggles to stay open. Blatant favoritism and a punitive cx exist. We have been told we can be fired for being "negative" when the negativity starts at the top. Why do I stay? Fear,age, is it better anywhere else, enmeshment- Help talk some sense into me!( I used to love working psych)

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Toxic environments offer little but provide poison to its members.

If you are not in the position of power to make positive change in it, the healthy thing is to leave the environment for your own sake. There is no shame in this.

You can find poor leadership in any area of nursing...psych and nonpsych.

Leaving an unhealthy environment on your own terms is a positive step. You may thank yourself afterwards.

However, if you are intent upon staying there, the energy you waste simply surviving the toxin only subtracts from your energy as a nurse.

There are healthier psych nursing positions out there. Do yourself a favor...begin interviewing.

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