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I am looking for a hospital around inland area, such as san bernadino, riverside, redland...

Would you recommend any friendly hospital that I can apply?

Many thanks...:loveya:


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There are many around, St Bernardines, Community Hospital of San bernardino, Loma Linda, redlands Community, the VA, Arrowhead(county), Riverside Community, Riverside County. You see that you have quite a choice. It really depends on what you are looking for in nursing. each one offers different views in nursing. I work at two mof them now and have for 31 years. I hnk most are still taking apps though, so good luck.

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There is a LOT of hospitals in our area as shodobe said. I know Loma Linda University has a great reputation, but the salary is lower than most other hospitals. He covered most of the upper region of hospitals, there's also hemet valley medical center, corona regional, kaiser riverside and kaiser fontana.

Good luck in your search

I work at Loma Linda (the peds hospital part) and love it. I know the adult hospital is different, but from what I have encountered at the peds hospital, the majority of docs are super nice and always available (well, residents at least). This is a teaching hospital though, so expect to see lots of residents walking around trying to figure out what they should be doing :) It is also an seventh day adventist hospital, so you might see some unusual things like no meat or caffeine in the cafeteria haha. But for me, working in an environment with such friendly and genuine people is a good trade off for fake meat in the caf!

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I have heard that San Antonio Community and Pomona Valley ER wise were good places to work. Ive worked at Inland Valley Hospital in Wildomar yrs ago and they had a real good crew and MD's to work get a good share of traumas.

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