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I was wondering if anyone else ever has those moments where they freeze up and kinda forget everything they know. I got called upon at a baseball game the other night to help one of my teammates that got hurt after a hard slide (unfortunately my teammates know I'm a nursing student so I couldn't slink away). I was able to remember to get ice but everything else was a blank, I couldn't do a proper assessment or do anything besides tell her to put ice on it (and I barely got that right). I feel like such a failure right now... I know how to do these things in class and even in clinical but when I get away from these places its like I've never even taken a first aid course! Please tell me this gets better and I'm not the only one! :o

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You're a student!!! You're not expected to know everything automatically. That comes with experience.


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Time helps with these things....I have been an RN for 13 yrs and my step daughter got stung by a bee the other day. I did what I thought was correct---- all the time praying she was not allergic.. When I was done called Posion Control and BINGO..I was 100% correct. But I still drew a blank at the time. Be gentle on are after just learning!!!!!

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