What I hate from I.V. lines.

  1. I reading the forum and learning from the largest Nursing community, and now that I work as product developer I'd love to get some feedback from you.

    Do you hate the package of IV sets?, the excess of features?, a missing feature?, their colors?, their mmm... flavor ? let us know what makes you !
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  3. by   iluvivt
    No not really..not sure what you are asking are you talking about the cannula...the packaging of the products..what exactly???/
  4. by   jorogume
    Hey iluvivtWell, thank you for the feedback and sorry for the vagueness, sometimes I am so immersed in my thought, I forget that people cannot read my mind .

    I am talking about the IV Set (tubing), from the Container(bag/bottle) all the way down to the Cannula. We design disposable sets for both, gravity infusions and Pump infusion, as well as some accessories.
  5. by   dehen13
    I work at a holistic clinic and do tons of infusions. I hate how bags are square and fluid is left over in the bottom corners. Why can't they be V shaped?
  6. by   iluvivt
    These are the two thing that I would focus on. The length of tubing is important. Sometimes on the pump tubing (from pump to patient) the length is too short. Nurses do not always add an extension set (especially during an emergency) and will often leave the pump on the opposite side of the bed of the VAD location. IV sites and Central lines often get pulled out needlessly. Careless on the nurses part....yes..but a reality. The second issue is to look at your Y sites and med ports. IMO they are not protected enough.....they touch pts skin...bed sheets..sometimes the floor ....should RNs be scrubbing those prior to access....yes absolutely...do they always do it.....NO. There should be some kind of protective cover...yes it still needs to be scrubbed but if done properly it will eliminate some of the bacteria
  7. by   soozeeqrn
    I wish that all IV tubing would have a J loop type conector at the end of the tubing near the patient. Often we will get a field stick with gravity tubing admitted for 23 hr obs (Field sticks must be changed within 24hrs per protocol) and we have to put the IVF on to a pump because they are getting antibiotics, etc. The tubing needs to be changed to our pump tubing. We have to go all the way to the catheter in order to change it over, risking infection or dislodging the catheter, not to mention the stress to the patient. I work overnights and last thing pt's want to do st 0200 is have to deal with more poking and prodding. Something simple like a "break" that unscrews 3 or so inches from the patient (catheter) would avoid this problem. Sometimes patients come with an ER start like this also. Thank you.
  8. by   wtbcrna
    We get our IV tubing specially made for us. It is about 8ft long, has a three port manifold, 2 or 3 other ports, and is 10gtt/min infusion. Manufactures will custom assemble your tubing to just about any specification as long as you promise to order enough of it.

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