1. If I see an order for IV fluids that reads"keep vein open",how much is that,how many drops/min?or how many cc per hr. is that?

    If I see an order to give a Iv "fluid challenge",how many drops/min is that?,or how many cc per hr. is that.?

    If I see an order for IV fluids that reads "keep vein wide open",howw many cc/hr is that,or how many drops per min is that?

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  3. by   indeed
    The KVO rate is usually a matter of policy at each hospital. Look it up next time you get to work.......ours is officially 40cc/hr. As for a keeping it wide open, I would think that is exactly what it says...run it wide open. I have only ever seen that when someone is CTD with a pressure of 30/nothing. But then, I haven't been doing this for very long, so I'm sure there is probably other appropriate situations where you can use that. Hope this helped.

  4. by   CATHYW
    At our facility, KVO was 30cc/hr. Fluid challenges were written exactly by the physician, "1000cc stat, W/0x1 liter. If BP >90/60, <next liter to 250cc/hr."
    I have never seen an order for "KVWO." If you are running fluids that fast, you'll need more than one IV site. Get started looking!
  5. by   ohbet
  6. by   nursecheryl
    You need to get the orders from the doctor who wrote the order what kvo rate and or challenge rate he wants. It depends on the medication and the pump used. I'm sure policy would be a good place to work but make sure that md shouldn't be giving you this order. Some pumps you can kvo with .2cc hr