pumps for chemo

  1. I am a new chemo nurse and at the outpatient facility where I work we do not have any IV pumps/controllers. I am wondering if there are other chemo facilities that do not use pumps????
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  3. by   bethem
    Good gravy, you free-flow chemo drugs? What about something like MabThera, where the patient is at high risk of a potentially deadly anaphylactic reaction? How do you give drugs like that?

    In answer to your question, our facility most certainly uses pumps. Not for everything, some stuff is pushed, but we do have them.
  4. by   Sailingshoes
    Having only worked at one cancer center all I know is having pumps. I hope that you are extremely well staffed to be able to monitor your infusions constantly. Maybe I am missing something but it seems less safe to not have them.