PICC Dressing Change Options in NYC

  1. Hello, I am seeking some advice and would greatly appreciate your time. I am moving from Florida to New York City for work and currently on TPN. My health insurance is only in Florida so for the first month (before I get health insurance from my employer) I am continuing to have my TPN shipped from FL. I am able to get labs drawn in NY but am seeking advice on the best place to get my dressing changed. I have all the supplies but it is located on my upper right arm and I cannot reach it. I was thinking about possibly paying out of pocket at an urgent care or walk in clinic as they should have the skills to do this... right? Is it possible to pay a Nurse (independent contractor nursing..?) to do this? If anyone knows of any additional options for paying out of pocket for this service in NYC temporarily it would be greatly appreciated!!

    I apologize if this is not the intention of this forum, it seemed like there may be knowledge here I am desperately seeking!
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  3. by   merlee
    If you are not alone, can your partner be taught how to do this? I taught some people how to do change sterile dressings if it was necessary.
  4. by   NRSKarenRN
    Your infusion company should be able to find a NY based infusion provider to perform dressing changes.

    Visiting Nurse Service of New York
    is the largest US home care agency and should be able to assist you. They will need physician orders so please followup tomorrow.