1. Does anybody insert PICC lines under floroscopy? I am currently a certified radiology nurse and would like to assist our central line team in inserting PICC lines using floro---so we know it's not in the jugular when it's inserted. I think it could definately be a time saver. Any opinions?
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  3. by   bearjack99
    We insert all our PICCs in a flouro room - we don't use it until we measure the length or if we meet resistance etc., - it is amazing how many times a quick flouro will show the line going up jugular or down the axillary etc.. It would be very frustrating not to have this ability and much more time consuming and often our pts are very ill and just want to have it inserted as quickly as possible. They never leave without a PICC - because if we are unable to locate a vein - we can bring the ultrasound machine.
    Also it can be used immediately.And the measurement can be perfect -particularly important for pts with mechanical valves.
    We are not allowed to flouro ourselves - but we are able to ask the tech to flouro when we need it and to take a picture at the end to confirm placement. Also less chance of contamination because we do not have to remove a dressing to readjust after the chest xray shows it is too long, in the jugular etc.
    I know this setup is not always possible - we and our pts are very fortunate. We take longer obtaining the consent then placing the PICC! And exchanging a PICC under flouro is also a very useful practice.
    Hope this helps