Opportunity of a Lifetime Update

  1. So just when I thought things were finally looking up. I get a dose of reality. If you read my previous post, I was offered a job in an outpatient infusion center and accepted it. Would have been a great fit for my family life and I was super excited to finally be apart of something I was interested in and would enjoy going to work. Well, today they decided to revoke the job offer because they are no longer hiring for the center. I am just so heart broken and feel crushed. I don't know what to do now, I am lost. I have been suffering with depression, mostly from working nights. I had a glimmer of hope and now I feel like just giving up.
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  3. by   IVRUS
    Well, I don't know if you want to hear my thoughts or not, but I believe that when a door like this closes on you, it truly wasn't meant to be anyway. Whether it would have put my license in jeopardy, or caused me ill-health, either way, there is a good reason for it. Accept that there is something better out there for you.
  4. by   MrsJt
    I am really trying hard to believe that. It is hard though, bc this would have been great for me and my family. I am just so burnt out from working my floor and nightshift. It has taken a toll on my home life, as well as my marriage. I just dont know how much more I can take at this point. Trying to stay positive.
  5. by   azhiker96
    I don't think the job would have lived up to your expectations. They made an offer and you accepted. Then they took it away. That is an example of the type of callous disregard you likely would have encountered working there. Imagine being flexed out early, difficulty scheduling PTO, random scheduled work days.

    Just because this fell through it doesn't mean you are stuck on nights forever. There are other jobs out there and depending on your location probably other infusion centers. Good luck. I hope you find your dream job soon.
  6. by   KelRN215
    There are other day shift jobs you can apply for. I've worked exclusively Mon-Fri days for the last 6 years and have never worked in outpatient infusion. My jobs were in home health, home infusion (not as a field nurse, they do a ton of on-call) and case management.
  7. by   MrsJt
    Unfortunately in my area, there aren't a lot of case management and day turn positions available. I have heard a lot of mixed reviews on home care. Long hrs, driving a lot, going to homes in not such good areas, and not having as many resources available to you if you need help. I just do not know if I am ready to get into that type of work.