Mediport Protocols

  1. I am the clinical director of a multi-physician specialty group. We have recently starting seeing a patient that has a mediport. I have been trying to do research and find any information that would be helpful in writing a protocol for our clinic and have been surprised by how little information I have found when it comes to the actual technique of using the ports. If anyone has information it would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    How frequently do you need to access the port? You can usually find quite a bit of information from the company that makes the devices, to begin with.

    Huber needles are changed every five days if they are left in continuously during a treatment time at my facility. The name of the needle is actually called a Huber needle, it resembles a butterfly, in many of the brands, and has a 90 degree bend in the needle. Others are now being made with a safety lock, where you have to lift the needle straight out, before you can pull the wings up to keep it from getting pulled out accidentally.

    You want to try and find a needle length that will be comfortable for the patient and not stick out too much, this is the biggest complaint that you hear from patients.

    Hope that this gives you a start.
  4. by   dknunges
    The Intravenous Nurses Society (INS) has Standards of Care and Policy and Procedures specifically for IV therapy including Ports that you can use as guideline when writing protocals. You can purchase them on the website.