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  1. Can anyone give me a web site or protocols for IV site care post infiltrate or drug irritation. Our doc's very on practice, some like cold, some like hot packs and I'm wondering if anyone could help. We recently had a parient get a red streaking up her vein and edema from demerol IV push. One MD wanted hot packs, the other cold
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    jaquar - if the problem is phlebitis, INS standards say to measure degree of phlebitis per phleitis scale, DC iv, apply warm intermittene most heat to phlebitis site for 20 minute periods 3-4 times per day - with a physician's order. (NOTE - some medications require cold after a phlebitis). If you are not sure of the properties of the med - the PharmD is usually the best to ask if heat or cold is best for that drug. if the problem is infiltration,that's a whole new ballgame. you dc iv, eval site using the infilatrationscale per INS, and treat with a solution/medication infusion at the site - if indicated and use heat/cold - again depending on the properties of the drug. hope this helps frankie