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Anyone know where and how to get IV training in the San Joaquin Valley, Cali.? I just moved here from Washington and need to get certified . Please help!:uhoh3:... Read More

  1. by   anangelsmommy
    I am having the same problem finding a place in new jersey but here is another question I have....do you have to take the class in the state you are licensed in? if I am licensed in NJ but find a class in delaware, does it matter? from what I read, you dont actually get a real certification anyway cause there are no standards you basically just say that you have taken the class and can do IV's, right? and does it matter if you are LPN vs RN?
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  2. by   Rabzach
    Hello can one tell me if there is a hands-on training for picc line insertion in Houston Texas or in Texas. Am interested but cannot find classess offers or Hospital
  3. by   anangelsmommy
    This is not just a class as I understand it. I had a picc line for a while. You need to be specially trained to do this. You must be an RN or masters level and under go specialized training. The nurse who put mine in had gone for training for quite a while like a masters level course work do it. I would contact a school that does medical training past just the RN level and see what they can tell you. She attended classes to do this and got a special certification to do it. We talked at length about it. Perhaps if you were able to call some of the bigger hospitals that might have nurses that do this, maybe you might be able to talk to them? I know ti is a long shot. Or post right here on the front page instead of this forum and post something like, does anyone here do Picc line insertion, would you be willing to share where you got your training for informational purposes, they could IM you instead of posting it for everyone to see. Best of luck!! by the way, I have watched docs do this bedside a bunch of times in the hospital where I was working and I would pick the nurse to do this every time!! she was so much better!
  4. by   anangelsmommy
    before taking one of these classes, see my post titled, "am i certified?"

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