IV stat- Associated drugs given

  1. I am having some trouble with these questions and am hoping you all can help, I start to read resources and get confused with all the jargon.

    1. Precautions of Aminophylline when given IV Stat? Why is it ordered this way?

    1. Why would Henry be ordered Hydrocortisone & and Salbutamal IV stat with saline solution via a nebuliser?

    1. What is the usual route of administration of the drugs that have been ordered?


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  3. by   Gail-Anne
    IV STAT for aminophyline would be for immediate need of bronchodilation I'm guessing.
    IV direct can cause atrial & vent. arrhythmias, tachy, peripheral constriction, hypotension and death. Give at max rate of 25mg/min because of this. Also can cause seizures so diluting and giving slower is obviously preferrable if not really STAT.