IV Calculation Question!

  1. So, I'm pretty new at all this, but I have a question, even though I am only an LPV/LVN- it's a IV Cal. and I can't seem to figure it out... it's from a study guide...
    Here goes:
    The Nurse is caring for a patient whose IV has been regulated to deliver 35 drops per minute of D5/NS. The drop factor of the infusion set is 15 drops/ml. The nurse recognizes that the amount absorbed in 1 hour will be ___________ ml. At this rate, 1000 ml will be absorbed in _________hours.

    So, I have the formula of Drip rate/ 60 multiplied by total volume/ #of hours....
    I've calculated so far, that it would be 2100 gtts/hour... divided by the drip rate (15) that would equal 140 ml. BUT... the study guide says the answer is 714. For the second half, I've taken 1000 and divided it by 140, equaling 7... (or just about) but the study guide answer says it's 7 hours and 8 minutes exactly.
    I'm going to take this test on friday morning... and I've sat and tried to figure this out.... any help would be appreicated!Thanks!:uhoh21:
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  3. by   mandana
    I'm getting 140 ml/hr too.

    For the second part, I do get 714 - or 7 hours and a bit, but besides that I'm coming up with the same thing you are.

  4. by   TexasPediRN
    It is 140ml per hour and 1000ml will be absorbed in 7.14 hours.

    when you do these calculations, you always have to round off the decimal- you cant just round it to 7hours. I think the study guide is just telling you the 2nd part of the answer (the 7.14 hours) and not the 140ml per hour. (I hope I'm reading your question correctly) It it says 714 and not 7.14- perhaps they have a typo.
    I have found many calculations in study books that throw me off, only for their answer to be wrong.

    I hope that helped! Good luck on your test, and just keep practicing. Try a few others of those problems and compare your answer to the study guide answer. If you are right, then they may just have a typo for that particular problem. It does happen-unfortunantly!