IV Ancef.

  1. OK, my friend just asked me this question about IV Ancef and I thought some of you can help me out here

    The patient has been transferred to the surgical unit and the MD has ordered to start IV Ancef. However, the MD did not specify the rate. So my friend told the teacher what he would do in this case:
    1). Verify the order with MD.
    2). Check with pharmacy.
    3). Check with CPS + hospital protocol.

    Those steps are logical but his teacher said those options aren't available (but he still needs to administer the IV Ancef).

    So what do you guys think?? It's a good question and I seriously don't know what to do either.

    Thanks in advance.

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  3. by   jmgrn65
    What rate does the drug book say to run it at?
  4. by   DJ Trance AZ
    Ancef IM/IV 500mg q4h-q6h. So he can just follow that?

  5. by   jmgrn65
    no when you look up ancef in a drug book, the books generally say something like infuse xxmg over xxmins
  6. by   maolin
    IV Ancef is one of the abx that can acutally be given IVP over 3-5 mins (per Gahart IV drug guide). You could also mix as a IVPB and give over 30-60 mins.