insyte auto-guard caths

  1. Our hosp has been using the insyte auto guards which once getting use to seems to feel much safer and gives you that feeling that your admin does care. But 2 weeks ago the old insytes without the guards are again surfacing in our bins. When I asked why they said that there has been a higher incidence of cath related infections with the insyte auto guard caths the the old stand bys. Does anyone know about this?? thanks
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I don't know about the increasing number of infections, but I do know that it is much more expensive to have the guarded/shielded caths. Last year, our ER spent two entire months testing two brands of shielded catheters. Then it was decided that it would be too expensive. SO, we're still using the regular caths. YIPES!!
  4. by   CHRIS TAYLOR
    We use autoguards as well and love them!
    In February we started to see an increase in the number of infected IV's but only at the very site of insertion. It was found that the company had made a minor change in the composition of the catheter itself and some people had a reaction to it that resulted in the problem i descibed above. They were pulled for about 3 months and have returned now with out any incidence, hopefully will see the same.
    I also understand that in July a law will go into affect that will mandate the use of sheilded catheters and needleless systems throughout the country, so those hospitals not in compliance now will need to move soon or face problems later.
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