Hospitals with IV, or Vascular Access Teams - page 3

I am interested in the direction of hospitals with IV Teams or Vascular Access. Size, makeup,(RN,LPN),services provided by team, status as to any redisign, and hospital bed size. I am interested in... Read More

  1. by   jmb
    I am an IV nurse and would love to find a job on an IV team. I live in Maine. How would I go about finding which hospitals have IV teams. Also, who manages those teams
  2. by   iv therapy
    We are an IV team for a 230 bed facility. There 2 RN's on days and 2 on evenings. There is no 11-7 coverage. Our duties include initiating IV sites, Rotation of sites q 72 hrs, PICC/Midline insertions, Chemotherapy administration, staff education, equipment evaluation and recommendations, Line recommendations, QI and troubleshooting. We also do all the central line lab draws in the house except the ICU where they do them. We are resource for the facility and we write the policies for IV Therapy. This is a service that the staff here like and want to keep and has been in place for many years.
  3. by   DanielMark
    My last place of employment utilized IV teams, about 435 bed teaching hospital. Of course, since I was a night shift supervisor I was expected and successful in starting IVs myself. Lots of times with difficult sticks we would have to page the flight RNs to obtain IV access, i.e., if they were not busy.
  4. by   lisaloulou
    I personally think PICCS are not used often enough. Each and every day I 'finally' get patients who have had every vein in their lower arms blown,extravasation of caustic chemicals etc. With 15 minutes and 1 (numbed) stick, they can get a line that will last the duration of the hospital stay and beyond if necessary. What a relief it must be for them and the nurses who have umpteen other patients to care for. No more sticking! what a concept.