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Are there nurses out there that do not use filter needles because it is not available in their practice setting, other reasons?... Read More

  1. by   canoehead
    When I worked in Canada we never used them.
  2. by   francis lee
    It is my understanding that filter needles are only required for drawing from a glass amp that you break open.......are they necessary for such things as Solumedrol, or protonix, which have the rubber stoppers?......

    as far as the Phenergan, we don't use filters for that however we do mix the Phenergan in 10ml sterile saline before injecting....
  3. by   bek1223
    Do you need to use a filter needle when giving protonix? Also, how is it usually given? Over 2 mins or over 15? I'm a student and I'm giving it the first time and I'm a little confused on how it is done.