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Just have to ask this question. Can a non-licensed person (not an LVN LPN or RN) insert a heploc/start an IV? Is there any "special certification" for a medical assistant to obtain which would... Read More

  1. by   katfoster
    We did many IV's in the Military as med techs on base with blood draws. I worked in Dr's offices as a civilian at the time too and I found out that I was allowed to do what ever the Dr needed I did x-rays blood draws and IV starts I was not licensed at the time. Later I took the LPN test while I was in school for RN.
  2. by   dianegvsunp
    I was told in MI that MA can now do venipuncture and do IV pushes, as long as they are certified. IS this true?
  3. by   RTRCarrie
    I am a Registered Radiologic Technologist, in other words I have my Associates degree and I am a licensed x-ray tech. I also took beginning and advanced phlebotomy including clinical training. I know work at an urgent care clinic in Arkansas. I am on the job trained as a MA. I take pt hx, vitals, and assist Dr's with procedures. I draw labs, call in prescriptions, & administer medications as ordered by the Dr. What I do not do is draw or administer narcotics & start, maintain, or push meds for an IV. I am interested in being trained (with certification) to start and maintain an IV, but I do not even want to take on the responsibility of pushing meds via IV. It would be very helpful in our companies clinics as well as make me a more helpful, knowledgeable and desired employee.

    If anyone knows where I might be able to achieve this certification without becoming a nurse I would appreciate it. I do not want a nurses job, responsibility, or to take away from what a nurse is. I simply want to learn how to become certified to start and end an IV. I am well trained in sterile technique. I understand it's dire importance and adhere to such practice whenever called upon to do so in performing my job.

    Thank you,
  4. by   Rob72
    Hi, Carrie. I would see if the U of A would let you take a block of instruction from their paramedic program; some community colleges might allow it, if UA won't.

    My IV experience came about via my phlebotomy- I was doing all of the sticks in the ED, so the Nurse Manager essentially said, "If you can stick somebody, why can't you leave something useful behind...?" I was trained by the RNs, and it was added to my job description.
  5. by   RTRCarrie
    Thank you. I will look into that. I'm working full time and do not want to give that up, but if I can take on-line classes for any basics I might still need as requirements and then maybe 1 day a week go in....I could do that. Thank you again!
  6. by   sanlpn
    Hi everyone I am currently trying to find an IV certification class online or in the class room. I work for a hospice agency in ms but have ar license and the only class availabe requires I have a letter of support from the local hospital( not happening since I dont work there) ANY ideas would be helpful. Thanks A lott