Appropriate staffing

  1. I am a RN charge nurse on a 24 bed Skilled Nursing Facility within a large hospital. Our current staffing is myself, 2 LPNs, and 2 CNAs. We do have alot of acute care patients, with many central venous catheters, PCA pumps, and total care patients. Our nurse to patient ratio is 1 to 8. What's staffing like in your areas and in SNF? Does our staffing seem inadequate? I think so.
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  3. by   PPL
    The last time I floated to a unit like that, I had twelve patients! I broke down and cried, but found out the others each had thirteen; and they were going easy on me! Can you imagine?
  4. by   melG
    I work in UK and our staffing level consists of 2 trained nurses and 3 auxillaries for 28 bed acute medical ward. 14 of which are low dependency patients.