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Please help me.

My boss is once again insisting that I get our clients to sign med consents. I have told him before that only the MDs can legally give/get informed consent and therefore they have the clients sign consents for any psychoactive drug .Am I wrong? Can some one direct me to a info site?


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each state has its own laws concerning informed consent..many just rely on case your BON

sanakruz, ADN

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Thanks ageless.

The woman at thew BON stated "this is more a policy issue than scope of practice"

When I worked in acute it was very clear that the physician prescribing the med was responsible for having a client sign a consent stating said client understood both the benefits and the risks of medication. Is this an OBRA guideline perhaps? I seem to recall it was a federal thing....

I need some help. Im all by my lonesome at this rural clinic!:crying2:


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Informed consent is a legal issue, not a practice issue. If you are uncomfortable with obtaining the signature because the client may have a lack of information/understanding, I would then contact the MD to speak with the patient. Nurses bear witness to the patient's statement that they have been informed prior to the signing of the actual document. Remember that "informed consent" is a process, not just a signature on a piece of paper. Your signature on the form means that this patient is able to understand the info, is consenting without duress, ect.

Hope this is helpful...:)


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I think a mental illness can have problem to understand that need any medications, but perhaps there is another problem.

Perhaps we need news laws; why a nurse can not prescribe a psycotic drug when she is asking the informed consent and she is working with these drugs very much years and know their effects?.

I think perhaps it is a political problem and the people need more information about the possibilities of a bigger work by the nurses.

What do you think? .

Best wishes from Spain.

sanakruz, ADN

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Thanks ageless and jgallegos.

I agree, its a process of understanding all the ramifications of a long standing therapy with powerful and potentially dangerous meds. And I feel its up to the

MD to establish a rapport and help the patient make a decision. I'll be glad to witness it, but I am not in a position to give that info to the patient. I will continure to search for a legal answer. Our clinic is an outpatient one and all clients are voluntary. Thanks again.

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