Information technology in nursing


Lately i've been thinking about my future career. Currently I am getting my bachelors in computer science but later I want to maybe switch over to information technology in nursing. Would I need to get my HIT degree or would I need to get my nursing degree? Help?):

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There's a specialty called nursing informatics that may suit your interests almost perfectly. Nursing informatics is the specialty that blends nursing knowledge with information technology to make things better for nurses and patients alike.

According to the American Medical Informatics Association (2016), "nurse informaticians work as developers of communication and information technologies, educators, researchers, chief nursing officers, chief information officers, software engineers, implementation consultants, policy developers, and business owners, to advance healthcare."

You can earn a bachelor of science degree in nursing, then pursue a master's in nursing informatics. Here's the curriculum of one nursing informatics masters program: Informatics Requirements | Online Masters Degree in Nursing Informatics and Online Nursing Informatics Courses | University of Colorado Denver

Or, you can earn a bachelor of science in nursing and, afterward, complete an 18-credit certificate program in nursing informatics.


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