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Information needed please!

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I am aiming to come to Australia to nurse when I complete my training as my husband grew up there and wants to go back. Unfortunately his parents never became Australian citizens and so he has only a British passport. So, a few questions, if anyone could answer them I would be most grateful -

1. When I qualify can I get Australian registration as a nurse straight away or does there have to be a period of time to gain experience first?

2. After qualification how much experience do nursing agencies need as a minimum before they will accept you onto their books?

3. How does the grading system work in Oz? (eg. how does it compare to the UKs D,E,F etc)?

4. What specialities are in short supply? Is aged care in demand? Is it a respected field there?

5. What are the opportunities like for career development, courses, additional qualifications etc?

6. Permenant visa v. temporary visa v. STI visa? Which is the quickest and easiest option?

Any help in answering any or all of these questions would be much appreciated, after many months of scouring the internet I still haven't found the answers I'm looking for!!

Best regards



If you are a registered nurse you can apply as a skilled migrant:


This could be useful for your husband:


And this is where all the above onfo comes from - lots to read!http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/migration_info.htm

I don't know how much experience is required post registration but this link relates directly to nurses (sorry, haven't had time to read it myself)


I hope this helps - anything else you need just `holler' :clown:

Rebecca (in Victoria, Oz)

Good Luck

Sound like you have been given good advice.

How are you going now jane?

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