Infor ASAP on traveling to Medical Center of Louisiana?


Any one ever traveled to Medical Center of Louisiana? Thinking of taking as assignment and must sign contract by tomorrow traveling with Supplemental Healthcare because they don't pay for housing give $808 for meals and lodging. Woundering if it is travel friendly? I would be working 5 East Tele/Med/Surg? Any one know about the hospital? Or the company?


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It's not that bad. It's in downtown New Orleans, run by Louisiana State University.

During Hurricane Katrina, the big Charity hospital (located just blocks from MCLNO) was flooded and has not reopened. Thus, MCLNO is known as the "interim Charity" till a new one can be built (years down the road). They get a large number of indigent pts.

They get all the trauma -- the ER is state-of-the-art. I did clinicals there while I was still in nursing school. A few months ago there wasn't a Level I trauma center in the entire southeast Louisiana area, but the only hold-up they were waiting for was paperwork-related. I bet by now it's been awarded that certification, but I could be wrong.

Their E.R. is the best in the city if you've been shot/stabbed/MVA'd.

You will need a car. Public transportation in NOLA has never been great, and downtown is downright scary. The campus is safe, as LSU's medical/nursing/etc schools are in the same cluster of buildings. Parking (garage) is safe.

You'll probably want housing that's close, but not *too* far away. I'd look Uptown, in the Garden District (yes there are some affordable places there), Mid-City, City-park, or Lakeview areas. Be aware that in many neighborhoods, the safety of an area can change drastically in a matter of 2 blocks. This is a dangerous city but you just have to be careful.

Hope that helped! Pvt message me if I can be of any other help in that area.

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