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I am very much interested in starting a nurse staffing agency in the austin area and need some basic info.

1,Can someone please tell me what govenment branch regulates the nurse staffing agency?

2,What kind of license do I have to get?

3,Do I need to bond my company?

4,Does the contractors have to insure themselves or will I have to do that?

Lastly, where will I have to get the requirement list for starting a nurse staffing agency.

Any help will be very much appreciated.


suzanne4, RN

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You need to incorporate or set up an LLP. Have a large bank roll behind you. Remember that your nurse employees will expect to be paid either daily or weekly, and the facilities do not have to pay you for up to 90 days. You are responsible for insurance for your agency, as well as the nurses working for you. Also Workman's Comp payments.................

I suggest that you speak to an accountant that is familiar with this type oc company. Not sure of the exact requirements for Texas.

You may wish to look at the Entrepreneur thread, much has been written on this already.


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Thank you Susan, I really appreciate your input.


Ashera, LPN

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Amy - I sent you a PM -

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