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I am hoping someone out here can tell me of their experiences with endometrial cancer. My mother called me tonight (she lives in NV, I live in PA) to tell me she has just been dx'd with stage I (not graded yet). She is 55 yrs old. and in otherwise good health (except that she is a smoker:rolleyes: ) She is on no meds other than a calcium supplement. She's already seen the Gyn oncologist and will have a total hyst sometime in the next 2 weeks. She was told she may have to have rad tx and that there is no chemo that has any effect on this type of ca.

If anyone has any info about any personal experiences or any patient care experiences to share I would greatly appreciate it. I've done a search on WebMD and the info is pretty generic.

It really (stinks) that she is so far away and I that am presently in a job without PTO (pool). I am going to borrow $ from a friend for the airfare so that I can be there at least for the surgery and a few days post op.

Thank you very much!!!!!!


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Talking w/her MD (w/your mom's OK, of course!) will get more specific information than what you would find at any forum.

Good luck!...from an ovarian cancer survivor :)

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