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I am a peds heme-onc rn in NYC planning on moving back to o-town sometime in the spring next year. I am looking for info on peds hospitals that have solid peds heme-onc units or infusion clinics. Basically, where are they? How large are they? Pt ratios, mixed units or specialized? Salaries for experience and certification (CPON/CPN) That kind of thing. Not worried about staff status, i would be happy with per diem or part time work, nights/days whatever. My only thing is... I don't do adults. (and have no experience in them anyway) I plan on visiting the area to house shop in september and was going to see if i could arrange a visit at arnold palmer and florida childrens to get a feel for the units. Are there any other opportunities for peds nurses besides schools that I dont know about? I also wanted to see what other kinds of specialties are big at the hospitals so i can make myself more marketable by picking up some per diem work around here before the move so I have no down time in employment. (PICU/Cardiac/Renal/transplant/ even home care/ LTC etc) Any relocation or signing bonuses going on there for experienced RNs? I am coming no matter what but that might make my husband feel better about moving sooner rather than later next spring and I cant hardly wait. Any info or contacts on or in the Orlando metro area would be greatly appreciated.


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