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I am a resident here in Ohio and will be graduating with my LPN in June 09. I am wanting to find a school in Ocala or close by that offers LPN to RN without a long wait. My question is, can I take my NCLEX for Fl or do I have to be a resident down there? Do the schools make you work as a LPN before accepting you? What is the wait and qualifications to get in? Are there hospitals/LTC I can work as a LPN and then have my LPN to RN paid for?

Thanks for any help


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I don't know all the answers to your questions, but I will give you a start.

CFCC (Central Florida Community College) located in Ocala has a LPN-RN Bridge program. I do not believe they have a wait list but you do have to take an entrance exam, for basic reading and math skills. I do not believe that there is s a work requirement, but I bet you have to be registered in FL. I know for the Rn program the local hospitals offer paid tuition for a signed contract for 2 years, I would think they would offer this for the bridge program as well.

Here is the website for the program information, they have an online info session that would be able to answer more of your questions.

Hope that helps, good luck!


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Thanks so much for the info you have provided, I will definitely check it out.The only negative thing I see about the college is they offer priority to people who reside in Florida, I may be a resident but maybe not in time to get accepted in the school. I will check it out.

Thanks for everything


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You are welcome! Good luck!

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Well, I went to CFCC, and lets just say that my comments about it would be somewhat unfavorable.

I attended there for my LPN program, and it was quite difficult. I was told that in order to get into the RN Bridge, you must take at least 9 Pre-Req's and thats IF you do well on the CPT, and do not require any remedial classes. So if you take 4 classes at a full time rate, you could be done in a year, but its not recommended. Then when all of that is said and done, you must APPLY to take the HESSI. Yes, the Good Ole HESSI test...strong enough to kill ya! Then, considering you pass, and its very hard too, you will be allowed to apply. They take into consideration your Pre-req grades, your LPN grades, your CPT and the HESSI. Put it this way, I has a nervous breakdown at that college during my last semester of LPN school, requiring hospitalization. Some girls hair begin falling out, lots and lots of stress. :uhoh21:

There is a new school in Belleview, called Professional Health Training Academy. Its a pretty nice school from what their LPNs say. The RN program is to start this year sometime, and yes, it must go through the same accredidation process as did CFCC, but they have the Pre-reqs included.

Webster college also offers the RN program, but you must start from scratch...2 year program. And you have to take the HESSI.

Its up to you. Do your research. I did and I will be attending Galen College of Nursing in St. Pete. Yes, I will be commuting daily with 3 other nurses.

Good Luck to ya sweetie!


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Mabey I have found a place to get my questions answered, if anyone is interested in taking a few minutes to explain to me what subjects are included on the HESSI lpn to RN college entrance exam..I would appreciate it.Since Physics and trig and geometry were not a part of my course requirements, I am understanably frustrated to find there is a physics section and math that requires knowledge base all the way through college algebra and trig and geometry. And all this without a calculator. Just how bad is the physics section? and do You think I need to take physics or math 150 ( advanced algebra) even though they are not suggested nor required course work.I am a returning student with a licence to practice" Practical Nursing "but have been out 2 years taking prerequisite and core classes so I can enter block 3 and obtain Associates in Nursing degree.

I am not stupid, but am middle aged and thinking process are a bit different as one ages, so I would really appreciate any knowledge that would hep me to organize my time and use it wisely.

Thank you

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Not sure how much of a hurry you are in, but it only takes a year of living in Florida to establish residency.

How close to Ocala do you want your school to be?


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I am an LPN and currently bridging up to my RN at Taylor College. You must do entrance testing then apply, the first semester is the General Education courses. You do not have to take a laundry list of courses before applying, go talk to them. The admissions representive was very helpful and friendly. Their next program will start in September. I love this school:nurse:.


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i graduated from taylor college and only have great things to say. they are in belleview which is 15 minutes from ocala. i am even applying to their new weekend bridge program starting in jan 2013. i checked out their accredidation and they ARE fully accredited, (i kept hearing that they wern't when i was originally looking into their pn program) and they offer financial aid. They're worth checking out, .

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That college's website set off my anti-virus software. Viruses were detected.

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