Info about NYULMC and Mt. Sinai in city


If anyone can please provide me more info about these hospitals and possibly their tuition reimbursement since I am planning my future waaaaay ahead of time. Thank you :)


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hi. I work at NYU. We have tuition remission and tuition reimbersment. The former only applies if your accepted to NYU School of Nursing in which case the hospital pays your tuition up front BUT you pay the taxes. the latter is reimbersment of $5000/yr to any other school. most nurses in the hospital choose the tuition remission. Some go to CUNY schools where tuition is dirt cheap and nothing comes out of thier pocket. salary is $75k/year. They have nurse residency for new grads and around 3-4 different health plans, including blue cross/blue shield and unitedhealth.


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Hi siegolindoRN!

Thanks for all the info you provided, it's very helpful to hear it from someone who works there already! I was wondering...when you say that NYU Langone pays for your studies if you're accepted at NYU College of Nursing you mean for the people who already have an associate/diploma in nursing and are going back for their BSN or Master correct?

I'm currently a student at NYU College of Nursing and I'm getting really nervous about paying all my student loans by the time I will be done....It's a lot of money!!! That's why I'm trying to find other ways to pay for it, besides scholarships but I'm not a nurse yet. Do you know if it's possible to apply to other positions within the hospital (for example a clerk, etc.) and receive tuition remission for your nursing studies with the condition of working at NYU once you graduate?

Thank you in advance for all your help.