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I have an offer to go to VA hospitals in AZ/NM. They are on Indian reservations.

When I acquired as to the living accomodations, (this is travel assignment), I was told I'd be in a mobile home. long as it isn't a box!

Locations mentioned were Fort Defiance, Chinle, and Kayenta....and I'm TAKING MY KIDS.

Any info appreciated!

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With the preliferation of digital camera, I would ask to see some pictures of the exact place you are going to be staying. Having said that I had a friend a few years back work for the govt as a paramedic in NV and he said he at times had to spend days in these tin cans as he called them. The A?C kept them cool enough to stay in but you were never truly comfortable.


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Ask for a report on the local school district and how their test scores compare to the state. you can do a seach on google, type in the names of the prospective schools, and the board of education has postings of the scores. The problems with the reservation areas is low income, low revenue counties... which equates to poor school systems.

It doesn't make sense to uproot the kids for more $$, if they fall so far behind the national averages that they can't keep up with the next move. Private schools opens a whole other can of worms.

Plus, I've worked with nurses through nurse finders, nurses RX and cross country nurses that have been in Arizona. Now I'm unsure of your prospective location, but those that have been placed in "mobile" homes, have nothing good to say for the single life there, it imprints a whole worse situation for a family with children.

There are many jobs in major cities offering the same $$, if this area in Arizona is not a personal need for you. I would not take it based on the limited info you provided, having traveled minimally, yet researced nationally.

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