Info on abac one year lpn to rn program in tifton ga

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Does anyone have any info on ABAC's one year, one day a week LPN to RN program. I'm really thinking about applying! Thanks


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ABAC is a great school. I got my IT degree from them a few years ago and worked from them from 07-08. Lots of folks are doing their bridge, good luck in your ventures!


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I am currently an LPN, thinking about returning to school for ADN. Can anyone tell me more about ABAC one year LPN to RN bridge program.?


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I am currently an LPN planning on taking pre-req in Jan. 2010. Can anyone tell me about ABAC one year LPN to RN program?

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I am currently taking their Pharmacology class, a pre-req that can only be taken at ABAC. I have not yet heard if I have been accepted to the bridge program, but I do know that it is very competative.

If you follow this link it will take to to the nursing schools web site. It has a lot of info.

I hope this helps.:yeah:

It's not very difficult just make sure to keep your grades as high as possible. Study, read, study some more. Once you think you've studied enough read the material again and study one more time. Create study groups and make sure to get all you can out of every book, every class, every bleeding on-line bit of material you can. Push for A's, but tolerate B's, don't tolerate C's. C's mean you're not studying enough. If you really want some good quality info, search for ABAC and give them a call.

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