the importance of proper immunization and prevention of disease's for children( HELP!

  1. I am a Junior in H.S and I have to do a grad project. The topic is up to us but it must be something that relates to our intersets and is job related to what we want to do. I want to become a Pediatric Nurse so I choice to do my project on Pedi's Nurses, but then after we choice this we had to choice a topic about it to research. I choice to do mine on The need and importance of immunization and prevention of disease's of children.

    In not really sure if this is a great topic, i mean is there really a need for parents and society to be more aware of proper immunization and prevention of disease's for children?

    *If so what perticular immunization and disease's do they need to be made more aware of?

    *What immunization are the most important for parents to make sure there children get?

    * Any type of information you have about Pedi Nurses and the immunization and prevention of disease's will help me greatly.

    Thank you
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  3. by   camay1221_RN

    Check out the American Academy of Pedatrics website,
    It has the immunization schedule from infancy to adult.

    Personally, I think there is a great need for parents to be made more aware of the immunizations they are getting and why they are getting them.

    Another great resource would be "The Red Book" It is a book of infectious diseases that you will probably be able to get by speaking with a doctor or ID nurse. If you are still seeing your pediatrician, ask him or her if you would be able to look at it.

    Good Luck!

    I'm not an ID RN, but I worked in a pediatric clinic for four years, and have given hundreds of kids their immunizations.
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    Thanks so much the sites coming in handy for me right now.