terminal isolation room cleaning

  1. Hi all
    Am a new kid on the block. Can anyone please give me a site where i can go to get basic terminal cleaning guidelines for cleaning isolation rooms ie for
    1. contact transmission
    2. droplet transmission
    3. airbourne transmission etc etc
    Please dont ask me to look in my own infection control guidelines because i already have (and have just taken over this infection control role in a country hospital) and the person before me refused to do this kind of thing and work together with our cleaning staff etc.
    Pleeeeease help
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  3. by   ginger58
    Went to the CDC site and this is what I found:
    Routine and Terminal Cleaning

    The room, or cubicle, and bedside equipment of patients on Transmission-Based Precautions are cleaned using the same procedures used for patients on Standard Precautions, unless the infecting microorganism(s) and the amount of environmental contamination indicates special cleaning. In addition to thorough cleaning, adequate disinfection of bedside equipment and environmental surfaces (e.g., bedrails, bedside tables, carts, commodes, doorknobs, faucet handles) is indicated for certain pathogens, especially enterococci, which can survive in the inanimate environment for prolonged periods of time.(94) Patients admitted to hospital rooms that previously were occupied by patients infected or colonized with such pathogens are at increased risk of infection from contaminated environmental surfaces and bedside equipment if they have not been cleaned and disinfected adequately. The methods, thoroughness, and frequency of cleaning and the products used are determined by hospital policy.
    Where I work the privacy curtains are supposed to be replaced. We have a lot of cellulitis with MRSA and the drape tends to get tucked in the end of the bed. The operative word is "supposed"!
  4. by   KeepingItRealEeyore
    I too also wonder about the privacy drapes in isolations rooms. Ususally when a person with isolation leaves, I see house keeping come and clean all the stuff in the rooms, like the bed, chairs, etc, but yet the privacy curtain and the drapes in the room I never see then taken down or cleaned in any type of form. any feedback will be greatly appreciated.