Predisposed to MRSA?

  1. hello,
    i'm in nursing school and am begining my med-surg rotation in jaunuary.

    two years ago, i had a ruptured appendix. at the time, i was a healthy twenty-eight year old with 2 small children and thought it was the flu until i collapsed a week later. i ended up in icu for a week and then 2 more weeks on the med-surg floor. during this time, my appy wound was getting worse. they cultured it and it was mrsa+.

    i participated in a phase iii study of ceftobiprole vs. vancomycin, receiving it for 28 days through a picc line. i had complications from my wound for approximately 4 months, but after the study my wound had been cultured again several times, each time with a negative result of mrsa. (thank goodness!)

    my question is this: am i predisoped to getting mrsa again if i would with a client who is infected with this? i don't mind working with clients who have this, i vividly remember the lonliness and embarrassment of being on isolation and would want to help these clients as much as i can. should i take more precautions other than the contact isolation measures?

    thanks so much for any advice.
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  3. by   augigi
    You should discuss your concerns with your healthcare provider.

    Having had MRSA does not predispose you to getting again. Many nurses are colonized with MRSA, however unless they are immunocompromised or have a large open wound, they are unlikely to ever develop a MRSA infection. Standard precautions to avoid the transmission of MRSA are adequate.
  4. by   Eirene
    thanks for the reply and all of the good information. i will definitely talk to my health care provider.