1. Hey guys, just have a question about the possibility of the spread of MRSA. This is going to sound so silly to many people...
    I had a little infant the other day with MRSA (it was found on a routine swab, so found in either the nose or groin). While I was preparing her feeds through her NG, I took out a syringe from her Milton (antibacterial tablet dissolved in water) container and squirt the water out of it.. Incidentally it sprayed in my face.
    It was only a 3ml syringe, and there wasn't even much water in the syringe to begin with, but I am a bit worried. I washed my face shortly after. What would the chances of me now having MRSA be?
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  3. by   KBICU
    Did you get it in your eyes or mouth? If it was in her nares and you didn't have a mask on your chances are decent you might have gotten it. If you didn't get it in your eyes or mouth I wouldn't worry too much about it. Many, many people are carriers of MRSA and we never know if they aren't in the hospital getting tested for it. Just learn from it and protect your self a bit better next time.
  4. by   newbie12
    Thanks for the reply Kara. I am quite sure it did not go in my eyes or mouth, it was just my cheek.
    Thank you again, and certainly will do next time!