Is this best for working in the 3rd world?

  1. Hello. I am currenty a pre-nursing student. I am interested in working in a 3rd world country. (I have worked as a CNA in Swaziland for 6 months) I think it makes sense for me to get into Infectious Disease Nursing. I know little about it though, so I have a few questions. Do you think this is a good area to specialize in for working in Africa? What do I need to do to become specialized? Are there special courses to study?

    Thank you in advance,

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  3. by   darkbeauty
    Hello there EJM

    I just saw your post 5 years later(can u imagine?) Your post struck familiarity with me. I live in a first world nation but have been born&bred in a third world country(BTW I hate these distinctions,they further discriminate than unite the world.) My calling to nursing happened in the few years in geriatrics as a CNA in private homes& hospice settings. My dream has always been, and continues to wish in working with infectious diseases patients in less fortunate parts of the world. I'm sure your experience among the Swati people has been nothing but priceless. Southern Africa is currently raged by infectious,yet controllable infections and it would be nothing but a blessing to have individuals as dedicated to educate ourselves and serve in those areas. I'm currently a nurse on the eastcoast, and have still yet to further my education &experience inorder to live my dream.

    Best of luck,I hope somebody can respond to your post with very useful and insightful information.
  4. by   suzannefisher
    There is a new program by American Public University that offers a MSN with Infectious Disease Specialization. It is new and not yet accredited but should be within the next year.