Invasive Group "A" Strep

  1. I am a transport nurse and was diagnosed with Invasive Group "A" Strep (mortality rate 15%). I became ill while working just after transporting a NICU pt with possible NEC. I went to the ED with a HR of 145, temp of 39.9, initially 118/76 but bottomed out at 90/40. I've been admitted the last four weeks three times, now have C-Diff and will be on IV antibiotics till 1-19. Long story short we are unable to come up with how the infection got in my blood. I also was diagnosed with sinusitis at the same time, the headaches in the hospital required morphine to control my pain. My PCP, two ID physicians from separate practices feel the infection entered via the nasal cavity. Two ENTs, again from two separate practices do not agree the infection entered via my nasal cavity. I am currently waiting for a surgery date from ENT due to my right nare being almost totally blocked per cat scan. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Life Lion, I am truly sorry this has happened to you. My heart goes out to you and hope for the best in your recovery. However, I need to close this thread because the nature of your post is asking for medical advice, which is against our Terms of Service. Please review. You can, however, create a different thread "for support", to discuss your progress, what you have learned about this in your own experience to make others aware, or to just learn more by asking about Strep A in general...but, it needs to be such that you are not seeking advice into your own medical condition. That is a doctor-patient issue. I do hope things clear up for you. This must be a horrendous experience.

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